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I hadn’t updated this about page since 2020. It was time, and it was overdue. An update as of 2024:


My name is Justin (in the top middle). I started this brand as an inspirational / motivational shirt brand. What I envisioned was inspirational shirts that inspire others to recognize they have a backbone and to take a stand for things in life.


While it started out as that in 2019, God started to get ahold of me in March of 2023. That’s when, for the first time, I was talking with a pastor friend (Johnathan). Was sharing some hard times I was going through. He asked me, “When’s the last time you prayed and have you asked God to bless your business?”


My answer (even as a believer) was I have never asked God to bless it and I haven’t been praying in a while.


That day, I said a prayer in my truck after lunch in the Saltgrass Parking lot. It was simple. Asked God in my life and for to take over.


The best decision I have made. My home life got even better, my relationship with God has grown. And shortly after that I got into reading the Bible daily. Reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all the way through for the first time.


Why do I share this with you? Because if you go online you’ll see who I was. I don’t delete posts, or hide who I was? I was a sinner, I am not perfect, and for many years (looking back now) I was a person I wouldn’t want to be around. So if you see who I am now, from who I was, maybe you can see I am human. That if God can change my heart he can change yours if you need it. I did.


So switched from a motivational shirt brand to a brand that shares God’s message. We warehouse just east of Dallas, Tx and love everything about what we get to do daily. Have an amazing team and we love to serve. If you choose to support our brand in any capacity we can’t thank you enough!


Me and the entire team thank you!

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