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My name is Justin (in the top middle) and I'm the founder of Backbone Swag. I started Backbone in 2019 because I was at a crossroads in my life. I had a simple saying "Don't Fuc*ing Quit" that got me through one of the hardest mental / physical challenges ever, #75Hard by Andy Frisella.


That sparked my passion for designing motivational and inspirational shirts. As I shared the shirts and the meaning behind them - I started to receive messages from so many about how these shirts have helped others in really hard times. Just like what I went through.


So I went all in on Backbone Swag, which is what you see today! Our small but mighty crew works tirelessly and each one of us has a passion to spread that burning desire in life to GO FOR MORE! You have a Backbone in life. Stand up for what's right, and be a force for good in this world.


I design and print every shirt right here in Texas and my wife, Lindsay, handles fulfillment and all the other "behind-the-scenes" tasks that keeps this engine running. We are truly a family-run business...


Our crew is honored to have you here and we are passionate about serving you, inspiring you to live life with a backbone!


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