by Justin Wegner November 11, 2022 1 min read

First off Happy Veterans Day!

If you're reading this on November 11, 2022 use code: VET15 as a thank you from Backbone Swag to any Veteran! (24 Hours only)


Since trimming 65lbs off and gaining a little more confidence, something I get asked more times than ever was "What branch of military were you in?"

They're shocked when I say I wasn't.

You see, Backbone Swag isn't a military-founded company, we do have many previous service members close to us that have stepped in and helped numerous times.

While we may not be military-founded or 100% operated, I can tell you we are 100% AMERICAN.

I am an outspoken advocate for making sure any service member active or non is taken care of to the fullest potential.

So to any Veteran on this day, THANK YOU! It doesn't even scratch the surface of my gratitude for you.

Until I take my last breath and my heart stops, our service members and every Veteran will have my respect and I will gladly serve them, and I can guarantee you anyone that helps out in the Backbone Warehouse shares this same sentiment.

Today the best thing we can do to thank Veterans is live a life that's worthy of their sacrifices.

Stop wasting time like you have more.

They gave more of their life defending and protecting - so the least we can do is live to the fullest.

So make the most of today and Get AFTER IT!

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